Here to help you move toward your next adventure, Welcome to the Fun!
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Here to help you move toward your next adventure, Welcome to the Fun!

I began biking while I was about 10 years old. Being the last of a family of 7, I’d inherit an old beat up adult bikes my older brothers used to race. This meant I had to learn how to repair them. The mechanics of biking always interested me, and watching my brothers dismantling a bicycle and doing repairs made me want to learn. I always wanted to know how things worked; having that spirit, I took my bike apart many times, that’s how I learned to work on bikes, I messed up my bike to know how to fix peoples bikes. tools were not abundant in my time, remember I was the last of 7 brothers:-) !, this kept me always thinking in what else I can use as a tool or what else can work besides the OEM part, it was an awesome adventure every single time.

Riding was really fun, and after a few years of just using the bike to go to school and do random chores, I tought about jumping, you know get some “air”. One day I’d garner enough nerve to go for it… and I ended up landing on the top tube of the bike, ouch!. And that was my first experience with freeride.
After a while, my mom got me a brand spanking new road bike, all those stories about my brothers winning road races got me inspired, so road cycling became my passion. I rode a lot, trained and did many long rides, raced a couple of times, but most of the riding was just for fun.

Years passed and mountain biking began to show up everywhere, it seemed to be very fun and crazy! So I borrowed a cousins mountain bike and I was hooked. Climbing was ok but descending… WOW! That was just out of this world, so here we go again, pushing the limits one ride at the time, and checking where those limits are..

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